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The next POTUS nickname: Crazy Jayhawk

We have had Pocahontas, Little Marco, Lyin’ Ted, Rocketman, Low-Energy Jeb, and of course Crooked Hillary. So now, with Jay’s confusing statements about being a long way from neutrality last week rattling the bond markets, thereby freaking out the equity markets, the...

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We are a long way from Shambhala, probably

This past Wednesday evening Jay Powell participated in a PBS interview with Judy Woodruff. You can watch it here: At around the 7:45 minute mark you will find the comments which triggered this break higher in bond yields. Here are the key...

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Spoos & Steepeners or Spoos & Blues?

The following statement from Jay’s NABE speech last night pretty much sums up the current state of US monetary policy: “... many factors, including the better conduct of monetary policy over the past few decades, have greatly reduced, but not eliminated, the effects...

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